Who really is the Best Value Airline?

Posted Wednesday, 13 July 2011

We all love deals when it comes to travel and often look at the price to determine which flight we purchase.

But is it really the best value?

We investigate the price difference between a full service airline at normal price and a cheap flight on a low cost carrier with the addition of food, baggage and entertainment. The results may surprise you!

The team have done some number crunching and made this comparison between JetstarAir New Zealand and Emirates to see who offers the best value when jumping the ditch.

Air NZ, Jetstar and Emirates price comparison chart

The Air New Zealand flight is “The Works”, so this includes meals, drinks, movies and seat request.

Remember there are other variables such as suitable times etc when finding the fare that is right for you.  Though looking at the face value cost of each airline you can see that a full service 4 star airline offers better value if you need all the bits and pieces and enjoy luxury flying

Its a no brainer when you find airlines such as Emirates on sale for $407 return. This is how travel is meant to be if we didn’t penny pinch. Imagine no worries about check in times, how much your luggage weighs or paying the equivalent of a small countries debt for average airport food.

We at SeeYa think sometimes its one of life’s treats to sit back and enjoy the service for only a few dollars more, and as a wise person once said: It’s about the journey, not just the destination..

Go on treat yourself…you and your wallet wont regret it!

And for those who dont, this little ditty sums up the experience on Low Cost Carriers.



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